About Us

Inspire by the beautiful mountains, Lakes and Forests that we have here in Canada – I have done a lot of traveling and Camping across Canada.

That’s where the idea of opening a store was born!

Hi! My name is Jorge Escobar, as a big fan of camping and a lot of of places i have been, i also have a lot of knowledge of products that are specifically for camping and outdoor activities, as i travel i have had pay a lot of attention to products that we need or might need when we go out there to have fun and enjoy mother nature

As i shop around for an specific product, i found out that sometimes can get frustrating if the product i am looking for is not at my local store so i have to travel far to another store hoping they have the product i am looking for, it’s time consuming, waste on gas etc.. etc.. As we all know that the online shopping is becoming more popular, convenient, and faster delivery.

I decided to open this store specifically for Outdoor and camping lovers, i try my best to find the best quality and affordable products in the market, bringing products from so many different suppliers so you rest assure to find what you are looking for in one place. I you don’t see it! you can request it and we will have it for you as soon as possible. That is my promise to you!!

So go ahead and enjoy shopping with us….