Cellphone Cases!

We ship to our customers worldwide through a large network of local and global carriers.

We are proud of our over 400 products large and rapidly growing custom phone and tablet cases range. New products are added every week. As soon as a new model launches we want to have custom phone cases available as quickly as possible. We had products on stock for the actual launch of the latest Apple and Samsung phones for example. On this page you can learn more about the different styles of products we offer. If you want detailed information of which products we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Back Printed Phone cases!

Back printed phone cases

Back printed phone cases

For most phone models we offer a back printed case. For example for phones of Apple, Honor, HTC, Huawei, Nokia, OnePlus, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and Xiaomi we have back printed cases available. Our range covers more than 200 phone models. The cases are printed using UV-printing. This printing technique ensures a high quality printed case. Cases itself are black or transparent.

  • Choose between slim fit hard case or protective soft case
  • UV-printing technology ensures detailed prints
  • Over 200 different phone models available
  • Less protective than a wallet case

Hard and soft cases in different colors

We offer a transparent soft case for almost every phone model. For the more popular models we have multiple variations (hard and soft) and multiple colors available (black, transparent and white). The hard cases are made of poly-carbonate (PC) and the soft cases are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). TPU is a mix between plastic and silicone. It is flexible and it can’t break. Hard cases look more luxurious but are less protective compared to soft cases.

Fully printed phone cases

The fully printed phone cases are printed with a sublimation printing technique. Like all our products these can be ordered per one piece. Using foil instead of paper, we can transfer sublimation prints around the edges of snap cases. Made of high quality materials to last a long time against scratches and bumps. The full color and high resolution prints give the product a luxurious look. The perfect product to extend your business and build a professional brand.

  • Matte and glossy finish
  • Luxurious look
  • Sublimation printing
  • Only the back of a phone is protected

Matte and glossy finish

For all models we have a matte finished case available. For the most popular ones we also have a glossy case in stock. We are always expanding our range of cases, so keep an eye on the product list for models being added! More about both type’s of cases.

Matte cases

Matte phone cases are the most durable cases. Because of the material and the matte texture, this case is really hard to scratch. Even after months of daily use, this product still looks like it did on delivery. The texture also works as an anti-slip feature. The case is a lot easier to hold in your hand, which prevents you from dropping your phone.Matte fully printed case

Glossy cases

If you’re looking for a more vivid, photo-like finish, there is nothing beating glossy snap case. Even though it’s the same printing system, the glossy cases will display your image more colorful compared to a matte case. Ideal for photos or designs that can use a glossy look.Gloss fully printed case

Tough phone cases

Our tough cases are made for consumers that will add extra protection to their phone. The cases are made from two parts: rubber at the inside and a hard case at the outside. The combination of two materials absorbs shocks. Tough cases are available for iPhone and S-series of Samsung.

  • Extra protection
  • Matt and glossy cases
  • Sublimation printing
  • Available for iPhone and S-series of Samsung
  • Thicker than a soft or hard case

Matt and glossy finish

For all available models we offer a Matt finished case. For a few models we have a glossy case in stock as well. When to choose which case?

Glossy cases

Do You really like high resolution? There is nothing like a glossy case. Even though it’s printed using the sublimation technique as well, the glossy cases have slightly more powerful colors and images look sharper on gloss. The surface is so smooth, we are able to reach the standard that photographers expect.Printed Tough case Glossy

Matt cases

The most durable cases are the Matt cases. This case is really hard to scratch because of the material and the matte texture. Even after months of daily use, this product still looks like it did on delivery. The case is a lot easier to hold since the texture also works as an anti slip feature. This prevents you from dropping it.Printed Tough case matte

Fully printed wallet cases

We can fully print wallet cases for phones using our UV-printing technique. For all iPhone-models and Samsung S-series we offer customization wallet cases. Wallet cases are made of artificial leather and are white at the outside. These cases are made to protect and carry a phone as well to take pocket money or cards. The case holding your phone at it’s place is black and will fit your phone well.

  • Best protection for a phone
  • Storage space for cards and money
  • UV-printing technology
  • Thicker than a soft or hard case

Look and feel of the wallet cases

Our fully printed wallet cases are made of artificial leather and they are animal-friendly. The cases we use are white and after printing the storage space remains white. The black case will fit the phone perfectly! To prevent interruptions in your design, we decided to change the closing system. Most wallet cases close using a flap which covers a part of the front of a wallet case, our wallets have a magnetic closure at the side of the case.

Front printed wallet cases

Next to the fully printed wallet cases we have another wallet case solution: the front printed wallet case. We offer a front printed wallet case for over 30 different phone models. Only the front is printed with a design so the inside and back side of the wallet case remains black. The wallet case is multi functional since a customer can store some pocket money and cards at the inside.

  • Best protection for a phone
  • Storage space for cards and money
  • Printed with sublimation printing
  • Thicker than a soft or hard case


Our front printed wallet cases are made of artificial leather and are animal-friendly. The phone is stored in a hard plastic shell, while the front flap protects the screen. The case itself is black and since the wallet cases are front printed, the back side of the wallet remains black. The cases will fit the customers phone perfectly!

Front printed

We can print every visible part on the front of the wallet case. The back and side of the case remains black. The printing technique is so advanced that the print completely blends with the product, it does not look like a printed product at all. Of course we want the customer to enjoy their unique design without interruptions. This is why we use cases where a magnet at the back holds the front flap in place.

Storage space

What makes the wallet case different than other cases is that there is a storage space for pocket money and cards. A customer can store up to three cards inside the case. Really convenient if a customer don’t want to bring their wallet with them!

Smart cases for iPad

The smart cases are the most popular protection for iPads. For all generations of the Apple iPad we offer a smart case. The combination of a case and stand is ideal for daily use of the Apple tablet. The case is made of white artificial leather. The screen of the iPad is protected at the inside with suede-like material.

  • Best protection
  • Multi functional in use
  • Sublimation printing


The smart case is made out of different materials. The back is covered by a white silicon case. The screen is protected by a polyurethane flap finished with artificial leather on the outside. The inside is made of suede-like material that will protect the screen of the iPad. The design will be located on the outside of the flap, printed in the best quality using the latest technology making it everlasting and clear. The back of the case remains white. With this case the iPad will look great and it will be protected really good.

Use in multiple ways

The smart case is the ultimate form of protection for an iPad because it combines two parts that will protect it incomparably. Thanks to the case the iPad will be protected from all: scratch, fall and impact damage. The smart case can be used as a stand to place the iPad straight up. Ideal for daily life use! The case is also handy as it puts the iPad to sleep when its closed, and wakes it up when a customer opens the flap.