Glamping! BC

Camping in style!! 


A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.” glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries”

For those who don’t like rustic camping or should I say! Those who don’t like setting up their own camping tent! Here is nice and comfortable way to enjoy a trip to the woods. “Glamping”, which stands for “glamorous camping”, An European way of camping which became popular in Europe a decade ago. This places includes :solar lamps, bed, kitchen-range, comfy chairs…. all under a tent! Europeans refer to these places as “open air hotels”. Now, it’s starting to catch on in Canada! Some setup are simply large canvas tents with some furniture such as a chair and a bed while others offer more luxury. Prices range from under $100 for a single night with a cot, to around $1000 for four nights with a queen bed! At the moment, glamping is more popular in BC but it’s slowly catching on in the rest of Canada. Click on the link below to view a map of Glamping spots in Canada.

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