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Lake Agnes Hike

Lake Agnes Banff National Park

Lake Agnes Hike in Banff National Park Alberta, Canada. Photo gallery with comments, reviews, trail maps and local information.
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Walk a short distance past the front of the chateau towards the Lake Agnes signed trail marker, northwest side of Lake Louise. Follow the trail as is winds it’s way up several switch backs with nice views of Lake Louise below. As you gain elevation you’ll notice a mountain on your left called

Lake Agnes Banff National Park
The Bee Hive.

The Bee Hive named after it’s Bee Hive shape. Just below Lake Agnes, the trail turns into a section of wooden steps climbing up a short rock face. A small water fall that flows from the lake tumbles down the head-wall on your right.

Once you arrive at the lake, you’ll see

Lake Agnes Banff National Park
Lake Agnes Tea House

the Lake Agnes Tea House and several

Lake Agnes Banff National Park
Log Benches

log benches resting on a rock slate patio. Lake Agnes is a classic Rocky Mountain tarn lake. Expect to see hordes of people here during the summer months. You can enjoy a cup of tea while admiring the views of

Lake Agnes Banff National Park
Lake Agnes

Lake Agnes and the surrounding peaks or keep going to the top of the Bee Hive. It’s well worth the effort to explore the lakes shoreline by hiking the trail along the north side of the lake.

Once you reach the end of the lake, the trail starts to climb up a steep set of switchbacks towards the summit of the Bee Hive. When you arrive at the summit follow the trail to your left towards the end of the ridge and the top of the Bee Hive. Here you will find a wooden pagoda with excellent views of the Bow Valley Parkway, Lake Louise and Chateau Lake Louise below. Another option is to descend the marked Beehive trail down to Lake Louise or towards the Plain of Six Glaciers.

Lake Agnes Banff National Park
Pagoda Top Of Bee Hive

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