Children’s Teepee Tent.


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Choose an option
1024A 1.35M TENT
1024B 1.35M TENT
1024C 1.35M TENT
1024D 1.35M TENT
1024E 1.35M TENT
1024F 1.35M TENT
1024G 1.35M TENT
1024H 1.35M TENT
1024I 1.35M TENT
1024J 1.35M TENT
1024K 1.35M TENT
1024L 1.35M TENT
1024M 1.35M TENT
1024N 1.35M TENT
1024O 1.35M TENT
1024P 1.35M TENT
1024Q 1.35M TENT
1024R 1.35M TENT
1026A 1M Carpet
1026B 1M Carpet
1026D 1M Carpet
1026F 1M Carpet
12PCS 2.4M
20PCS 3M LED light
24PCS 2.5M
Free gift
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Children’s Tent, Teepee Tent, For Kids Portable Teepee House For Children. With LED Lights.

  • Material: Cloth
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Warning: Tent, tent
  • Age Range: 0-12 Months
  • Age Range: 13-24 Months
  • Age Range: 5-7 Years
  • Type: Tent
  • Model Number: TD1024
  • Features: SOFT
  • Features: Sports
  • Features: Foldable
  • Children’s Tent: House For Children
  • Tent For Kids: Kids Tent
  • Barraca Infantile: Teepee
  • Wigwam Children: Tipi Tent
  • Cabana Infantile: Pet Tent
  • Dog House: Kitten Bed
  • Foldable: Play House



About Installation:
Open the tent directly after receiving it. Put the rope through the hole and tie it up. Step 1: Connect each pair of poles by inserting two imperforated ends into a plastic connector. Step 2: Slide the connected poles through fabric seams. Step 3: Lace the poles by successively threading the cotton string through the upper holes of all 4 combined poles. Then wind and bind them tightly. Step 4: Spread out the poles to the full extent, and then the tent is stably installed.


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1024A 1.35M TENT, 1024B 1.35M TENT, 1024C 1.35M TENT, 1024D 1.35M TENT, 1024E 1.35M TENT, 1024F 1.35M TENT, 1024G 1.35M TENT, 1024H 1.35M TENT, 1024I 1.35M TENT, 1024J 1.35M TENT, 1024K 1.35M TENT, 1024L 1.35M TENT, 1024M 1.35M TENT, 1024N 1.35M TENT, 1024O 1.35M TENT, 1024P 1.35M TENT, 1024Q 1.35M TENT, 1024R 1.35M TENT, 1025C, 1025D, 1025E, 1026A 1M Carpet, 1026B 1M Carpet, 1026D 1M Carpet, 1026F 1M Carpet, 12PCS 2.4M, 20PCS 3M LED light, 24PCS 2.5M, Free gift, LED LIGHT, TD1070A, TD1070B, TD1070C, TD1070D, TD1070E, TD1070F, TD1070G, TD1070H, TD1070I


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